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I am a New York based photographer who enjoys shooting the great images that the city and it's surrounding boroughs have to offer. Although the bulk of my work focuses on inanimate objects such as buildings and bridges, I am expanding more and more towards street photography and subjects that include people and have recently participated in a number of informal model shoots.

From a photographic style perspective, I thoroughly enjoy post processing to enhance images that I have shot to create more dramatic and subtle effects. I view the photographic process as the first or foundational step in creating the ultimate image. This is similar to how some artists sketch out subjects on their canvas before they begin painting. The second step is utilizing basic photo tools such as Picasa or MS Digital Image to further enhance the image for effect. The final step, presentation, involves choosing the right matting and framing to compliment the overall image.

I look forward to exhibiting my photos wherever possible and enjoy actively exchanging ideas on photography with other artists. I am currently an active member of both the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition [BWAC] and the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center [WAH] and show and sell my work at least 3 times a year at their galleries. I am also an active member of the Brooklyn Camera Club, the oldest continually active camera club in the United States. I have traveled extensively throughout the world and this has given me the opportunity to shoot a variety of historical subjects, cultures and landscapes. All in all, I still find the New York area to be the most interesting, vibrant and diverse location to photograph and create photo art imagery.


Thanks for stopping by! Jeff Watts


First Place Photo Contest Winner 2010 for “Salt Marsh Morning” [Nature Center Photo Club - New York]

First Place Photo Contest Winner 2011 for “Ethereal Flat Iron” [Nature Center Photo Club - New York]

“Photo of the Year” Winner 2011 for “Last Exit To Brooklyn” [Brooklyn Camera Club - New York]


“Thoughts Put Into Words” by Arnold Watts [Published April, 2012]

“Romantic Insanity” by Patrick Basu [Published January, 2013]


Currently: 8 Photos now on display at Garvey Schubert & Barer Law Firm 100 Wall Street, New York

Time Out New York Magazine Announcement Art: “On The Waterfront” BWAC Art Gallery [May, 2013 show]

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition "SCAPES" Gallery Show: July 27 - August 18 showing 12 photos in Red Hook, Brooklyn New York [Panels 155, 210 and 248]. See for show details

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Active Member of the Brooklyn Camera Club [ ]
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